Key project component in Africa, husbandry services are often the proof of a company flowless process and behaviour.

Through its African network, Navitrans has been able to develop the necessary capacities to allow strong just-in-time personnel travelling.

Internally managed within our network, combined with a high service level and sharp follow up are the success pillars for smooth operations in complex environments.

Your company will beneficiate also of our Swiss based competence centre, allowing coordination, follow up and real-time flow of information.

Last but not least, Navitrans is able, throughout the world, to manage and obtain visa and work permits.

Services available are :
  • Meet & Greet
  • Personnel transport
  • Visas and immigration assistance
  • Hotel booking and follow up
  • Travelling Assistance and Tickets
  • Passenger transport chartering
  • Medical support

Navitrans network is already providing support for visa obtention in Europe for Africa, and also in the main hubs (Singapore, Houston, Dubai).