A key aspect of Navitrans’ commitment to outstanding service is its culture of ethical behavior, rigorous compliance with all applicable laws, and the global experience contributed by its employees. Navitrans  realizes that its ultimate success depends on its employees' awareness of the Company's long term values, and an understanding of how their individual work contributes to the Company's success.

Cultivating strong values and a healthy corporate culture is a long process that calls for commitment and investment on the part of all partners.

The Navitrans Code of Conduct encompasses binding rules on health, safety, and environment; on employee relations (including protection from discrimination and harassment); on ethical business conduct (including fair competition and antitrust and trade regulations); on the strict prohibition on bribery and corruption (including a ban on political contributions by the Company); and on responsibility for Company assets as well as financial integrity.

Navitrans  Code of Conduct continues to reflect its commitment to integrity and responsibility across all operations and divisions.